Ronald Reagan Right Poster
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About this poster:
This is a parody of Shepard Fairey's Barack Obama "Hope" poster featuring the Gipper.
At 4/23/2012 11:48 pm

After the borrowing of the GW Bush administration to pay for 2 illegal wars and many efforts to cripple numerous government agencies.. from the SEC to the Medicare, do you really want the cancer of Ryan-Romney. That will be the cancer of more money passed to the immorally rich and the military-industrial complex covered by bad loans from China, negotiated by your right wing bitches?

the right wing is subject to the Final Solution, we must protect ourselves from your vile Liberalism.

Reagan was a drug dealing fraud, GH Bush a pansy, his son wears his mommy’s knickers and begs to be punished for spilling his milk. Conservatism the the GOP is a look back not a step forward, and that is destine to fail before you misogynistic, sociopaths even drop your linen and grin in the morning.

So die, die soon, and if you have reproduce, we have a cure called the truth… it will kill ya!

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