Ronald Reagan Quote Poster
Here is my strategy on the Cold War: We win, they lose.
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About this poster:
In 2009, President Obama delivered a Nowruz (Persian New Year) message to Iran. Instead of condemning their leader's pursuit of genocide and the regimes treatment of homosexuals and women, in a pathetic attempt to gain popularity, he extended a hand to Iran and praised its art, music, literature, and innovation, and referred to the holiday as just "one part of your great and celebrated culture" and reminded them that "you are a great civilization" that should take its "rightful place in the community of nations". Again in similar 2010 message, he offered Iran a "new chapter of engagement on the basis of mutual interests and mutual respect" let them know that "we are familiar with your grievances from the past". Juxtapose Obama�s approach with Iran, with Ronald Reagan�s approach to the Soviet Union. His strategy was �We win. You lose�. When they first met during the Geneva Summit in 1985, among Reagan�s first words to Gorbachev were �Let me tell you why we distrust you and why we despise your system�. The graduate of Eureka College helped defeat the Soviet Union. The graduate of Columbia and Harvard, not wanting to be seen as meddling in foreign affairs, responded to Iran�s brutal murder and rape of its own citizens with timidity and delay.
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