Anti-Choice Liberals Poster
Liberals are not pro choice, they are for no choice.
Posters are available in different sizes and paper types (ex. matte, semi-gloss). Frames are available.
About this poster:
If liberals are really pro-choice, why are they for banning so many things? They are totalitarians. Here is a list of things liberal nannies want to ban: light bulbs, toilets, smoking, salt, trans fats, saturated fats, SUVs, guns, helmets, high fructose corn syrup, oil, drugs, meat, carbon dioxide, fireplaces, plastic bags, seat belts, school vouchers, social security, conservative talk radio, bonfires, gambling, religious jewelry, red and green cookies, Christmas carols, recycling, prostitution, polygamy, trade, speculation, price stickers, manger scenes, nutrition labels, coal, home businesses, predatory pricing, health insurance, fast food, soda, fertilizer, energy drinks, thermostats, black cars, roof colors, advertising, home sizes, family sizes, fuel efficiency, wages, spanking, foreign cars, genetically modified foods.
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