Jesus Fish Darwin Fish Poster
Your Darwin bumper sticker would impress me, but you are over 1,500 years late in realizing the Bible shouldn't be interpreted literally.
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About this poster:

Is anyone else tired of seeing smug atheists drive around with their Darwin Fish or Evolve bumper stickers and car decals? You know the one's that add on some legs to the Jesus fish (Ichthys) that Christians display on their cars? Why do I resent this so much? It's not the fact that these atheist identify themselves as such, as Christians do the same, it's that they think they are so much smarter than you because they see evolution as vindication of their secular worldview and a repudiation of the Genesis story of creation as believed by Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

Have they ever considered the possibility that the creation story is metaphor? Or did they really prefer that God keep things strictly literal and scientific by dropping a copy of Charles Darwin's "On the Origin of Species" out of the sky for bunch of ancient desert people to read, as if they would have been able to understand it? Or have they ever considered the possibility that evolution, operating through natural selection, a process that reveals we are blind robots driven by our "selfish" genes, actually vindicates the biblical worldview of man is fallen and evil, and repudiates the secular Enlightenment's view that man is basically good? Or have they considered the possibility that evolution itself is part of God's design? If evolution is a watchmaker that blindly makes watches, who made the watchmaker? Or have they considered that even as far back as 415 AD, the Church's fathers understood that when science didn't jive with their interpretation of the Bible, it wasn't science that was wrong, but their interpretation. I submit that most of them haven't considered any of this. Yet they are so smart and "evolved" and you remain the ignorant country bumpkin.
At 4/21/2012 9:14 pm
channa naragala wrote:

Can you please tell this to my biology teacher? Frankly, he is embarrassing himself and not to mention all of Christianity.

At 4/25/2012 5:50 pm
_____ wrote:

Do you realize though HOW MANY CHRISTIANS still refuse to acknowledge that it is a metaphor? It’s ridiculous!

At 5/06/2013 6:02 pm
You're irrelevant. wrote:

Yeah? Then tell that to every christian in the world that denies evolution and the big bang. You’re feeling attacked and seeing “smug” cars, do you realize how crazy that sounds? Cars looking smug because of bumper stickers that don’t even say anything? You’re practically agreeing with what they’re saying. This sticker isn’t trying to repudiate “genesis.” You’ll find many christians who believe in science with them. This is all because of your paranoia, and I’m pretty sure at most.. 5 people have bought this. Your misanthropy fails you because it’s very misdirected. You sound more paranoid than anything.

At 6/13/2014 10:50 am
Jaedy wrote:

Tell it to the millions killed as a result of both literal and figurative interpretations of faith based literature.

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