Industrial Revolution Day Poster
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About this poster:

Every year since 1970, on April 22nd, environmentally conscious liberals have been celebrating Earth Day, and every year since 2007 they have been celebrating Earth Hour. Traditions include turning off lights and lighting candles (a tradition that generates more greenhouse gases and CO2 emissions than it saves?).

Instead of celebrating Earth Day on April 22nd, why not celebrate the new holiday known as Industrial Revolution Day. It's far better to celebrate a period that vastly improved the living standards of billions of human beings than it is to celebrate an inanimate object such as the earth.

Then again, if the environmentalist liberals cared about people instead of inanimate objects, perhaps they would abandon their harmful environmental policies: opposing the use of DDT (which has caused hundreds of thousands of people in the third world to die of malaria), opposing the use of genetically modified foods (which has hampered crop yields, nutrition, and vaccinations in the third world), and opposing the damming of rivers out of fear it will disrupt the ecosystem (which has prevented those in the third world from obtaining electricity and running water).

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