End The Fed Poster
End the Fed
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About this poster:
Soviet communism failed because prices were not allowed to tell the truth. Given this historical and theoretical truth, why does the government of the United States, a supposed capitalist nation, through the Federal Reserve, set arguably the most important price in the entire economy: the interest rate? After all, isn't the interest rate the price of money? Is the Austrian school of economics correct in its assessment that instead of steering us out of economic crises as its purported to do, it may actually be the main culprit in driving us into recessions? When interest rates are artificially set by a few men, they no longer are a reflection of the preferences of consumers and send the wrong signal to producers on what type of goods to produce.
At 4/10/2013 1:22 pm
Rachel Cook wrote:

Fantastic argument made by F. Bastiat in his “What is Seen and What is Not Seen” in his point 6. Middleman and in his point 9. Credit. Just read the whole damn thing. Great poster.

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