List of Most Conservative Movies
by John Lehman


Here is list of eight movies I consider to have conservative themes. I wanted to make it a top ten list, but I cannot think of any more. Hollywood doesn’t make very many! If you haven’t watched any of these yet, I consider them all to be must sees.

1. Gran Torino (2008 R)
“Race and religion do not make someone an American. Values and culture do.”

2. Young Adult (2011 R)
“Suburbia vindicated.”

3. The Lives of Others (2006 R)
“Artistic expression versus the State/bureaucracy. ”

4. Gattica (1997 PG-13)
“Triumph over materialism.”

5. Signs (2002 PG-13)
“Life has a purpose.”

6. The Dark Knight (2008 PG-13)
“Empathizes with the tough foreign policy decisions of the Bush Administration.”

7. It’s a Wonderful Life (1946 UR)
“Putting the needs of others before your own.”
(Although the movie’s depiction of the banking industry and capitalism could be considered liberal)

8. Let Me In (2010 R)
“Evil exists because we rationalize it.”



At 4/05/2013 8:16 pm
Jason wrote:

I would to that list
V for Vendetta – a definite must see! a look at what happens when government grabs power in the name of protecting its people
Braveheart – a glorious struggle for freedom
Shutter Island – reminds us not to be sheep and keep watchful eye towards authority
Waiting Superman – documents how teachers unions have destroyed public education

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