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Atheism Kills
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The media, public school system, and the universities love to remind us of the crimes of religion. They are eager to teach us about the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Religious Wars, and the Salem Witch trails, but they remain oddly silent on the much more recent and larger crimes of atheism. Some estimates put the number of people killed by communism in the twentieth century at 100 million. If religion is to be held responsible for its crimes, why isn't atheism held to the same account? After all, atheism is a central tenant of all communist regimes, including those of the Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China, as such regimes could not allow for an authority greater than their own and could not allow a creed which preached that Utopia will only exist in the afterlife.
At 4/02/2013 6:55 pm
God wrote:

27 But as for those enemies of mine, who refused to have me for their king, bring them here and kill them in my presence.

16 All the nations the Lord means thee to conquer shall fall an easy prey to thee; and for these thou shalt have no glance of pity; beware of worshipping their gods, to thy sure destruction.

22 Little by little, now here, now there, he will dispossess these nations; thou couldst not destroy them all at once without letting the wild beasts breed, to thy hurt.

At 5/09/2013 3:10 pm
Tom Adams wrote:

4 the benefit of history challenged atheists, here’s the oft-posted reference:

Atheists murder, lie, cheat, covet & steal far more than those of us who believe in the Great God:

Take a close look at each of the´╗┐ 200 plus atheist mass murder sprees:

The low totals are agitprop, used by atheists and the easily confused

The middle totals´╗┐ deem that intentional starvation is “natural causes”

The high totals are the most accurate and probably still too low!

At 9/30/2013 7:47 pm
Chris Normal wrote:

It’s pretty amazing how the human brain can separate itself from reasoning when pretending to confront its own bias. The amount of hypocrisy contained in the statements proclaimed by these posters is impossible not to recognize. If you’ve ever actually read the bible you would know Jesus was the poster boy for socialism, non violence, charity, equality, and acceptance along with other concepts that the majority of these posters blatantly criticize. The idea that you are staunchly against abortion yet have zero concern for these children’s well being after birth is physically painful for me to try to rationalize. What about the “I cling to my guns and religion” poster? I understand its origin but what aspect of jesus’s teaching leads you to believe he wanted the entire population weaponized with a machine capable of murdering in an instant? Was it really Jesus’s philosophy that more weapons creates more peace? As far as this poster “Atheism Kills”, that is quite an extraordinary concept to proclaim. I’m assuming the concept is that humans are murderous without religion. (I’m not sure if there is a consensus between the advocates of these statements whether or not creationism is more accepted than evolution. However it seems to me a very animalistic trait for humans not to understand that murdering one another is wrong. Creationism is another amazing representation of the brain sticking its fingers in its ears and denying any and all information that goes against its poorly rationalized belief system) The Crusades, Inquisition ect. were religious wars. There has never been a war fought on the basis of spreading athiesm or killing anyone who does believe in a god. If you were to research the statistics of countries with high or majority atheist populations (many whose lack of belief stem from soviet invasion) you would see these are actually the least violent and many have the lowest crime rates of any in the Western world. (This is also under the assumption that one would acknowledge data that is not found in biased information resources. A wise man once said “It doesn’t matter if you believe in science or not, because it’s true either way.” That’s what science is, the challenging of information. Science has no bias. The science that makes the computer you’re looking at right now is no different than the science that say evolution is true and global warming is true. Whoops, except for global warming, that’s a hoax perpetuated by all scientists because they just want the world to believe that the earth is getting hotter for some unknown reason. Little do they know that the earth actually cycles through periods of warmer and colder temperatures. Haha! if they only knew that then all their data would be meaningless!) These are real statistics. Check out the rates of poverty, crime, murder, income, and faith in the Nordic European countries and then try to justify the absurd concept that atheism leads to violence. In fact the numbers show that predominantly atheist communities are more successful in just about every single way.
I do agree that it is not fair for one group to be taxed more heavily than another. However humans for the most part aren’t very bright and we didn’t evolve as independently successful. We came from tribes where the community worked as a whole and everyone was supported by the community in one way or another. For as long as there are humans there will be a percentage of the population that needs help to survive. Your compassion for these same people while in the womb versus what you are willing to do for underprivileged children with poor housing, education, nourishment and parenting is hard to rationalize. We won’t ever get to the point where a flat rate tax system works if we don’t raise children effectively. Can you really say that Jesus wouldn’t tax the pants off the wealthy if he saw the current divergence of social class in the United States. That’s not a solution I’d be an advocate of; but I also don’t prey to the man.

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