Anti-Che Guevara Poster
Viva la ignorant college kids who don't know Che was a murderous, racist, pro-war, Communist who imprisoned homosexuals, tried to ban alcohol, gambling, and rock music, and wanted to nuke New York City!
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About this poster:

It is sickening and morally reprehensible for a generation that hates George Bush and Sarah Palin to lionize Che Guevara and wear his image on t-shirts and a whole host of other apparel. According to musician Carlos Santana Che is all about love and compassion and Bush needs to change his evil ways.

They criticize the religious right in this country for its support of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, for its opposition to same sex marriage, for its supposed racism, and for its puritanical attitudes. Yet Che Guevara fostered wars in seven countries (Cuba, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Panama, Haiti, Congo, and Bolivia) and wanted to nuke New York City. His regime imprisoned homosexuals. He referred to Mexicans as a band of illiterate Indians and to Africans as indolent and lazy. He tried to ban alcohol, gambling, and foreign music. He believed that requiring proof of one's guilt during a trial was an archaic bourgeois detail.

Never mind that George Bush tried to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants and fought for their right to work in the United States. Never mind the fact that he gave billions of dollars to Africa to fight AIDS, malaria and other diseases, which is estimated to have saved 2 million lives. Never mind that he supported civil unions. Never mind that he freed prisoners from Guantanamo Bay when evidence of their guilt was lacking.

At 7/25/2012 3:44 pm
Oliver wrote:

So you guys are pro-gay?

At 3/31/2013 3:47 am
Justice Richard wrote:

That’s b**lshit. Che Guevara was a good man and a hero.

At 1/29/2015 1:59 pm
Mauro Rojas wrote:

Che Guevara wasn’t racist, and its kinda funny that people call him one because he wasn’t the one living in a country that segregated the whites from blacks. He was the one who helped people of the congo in their revolution though…
It’s fucking hysterical that this is a fucking comparison of actions without taking into account the times, and beliefs instead of just individual sense of “morality” to point fingers and say he’s the one doing terrible shit.
Bush isn’t evil… he’s just incredibly stupid because he:
-knowingly used faulty evidence (supplied by “Curveball”) to justify an illegal, undeclared war
-Suspended Habeas Corpus
-Destroyed any chance of a peaceable agreement with Iran
-Wiretapped American citizens, lied about it, and tried to cover it up
-Appointed Henry Kissinger to lead the 9/11 investigation, then scoffed at the victim’s family members when they demanded a new panel
-Only allowed $15 million to the 9/11 Commission to investigate the attacks
-Allowed for a $600 billion “embassy” to be built in Iraq
-Forgot about Bin Laden; his daddy’s CIA toy.
-Ran on a conservative platform to get elected then flopped to a lib-like neocon policy.
-Allowed the Fed to continue to print and lend at will with no discretion or approval by the people
-Detained enemy combatants for years a Guantanamo Bay without allowing them their basic right to trial….labeled them ‘terrorists’
-Practiced extraordinary rendition
-Approved bailouts and stimulus programs
-No Child left Behind — which left behind any child who had a mental or developmental delay or disability
-Failed to address the REAL problem with our health care system; runaway inflationary medical costs and a lack of competition among insurance companies

Whereas Che executed his enemies
Had alot of talks about why Americans suck
and had a wife and a second wife

I’m not saying he was a good guy but he wasn’t a bad one, and he had no homosexual opposition he wasn’t a conservative.

He like Stalin killed alot of people who stood in his way. is that good? hell no but it wasn’t homophobic.

His actions say more then his alleged words, which could have easily been chosen out by the CIA who consequentially looked for him in the congo.

i am against those shirts too. but not becuase its ignorant worship but because its blatant disrespect to buy a shirt made in communist labor to be sold in a capitalist country “honoring” a communist.

At 1/29/2015 2:06 pm
Mauro Rojas wrote:

Congo war… so no not a racist.
Alternatively America still had segregation so…

Bush had an lied about wire taps

Che killed enemies of his cause much like Stalin So don’t confuse him with Hitler.

he wasn’t anti gay but this poster and site are clearly conservative which is anti gay…

I agree that ignorant college students wear these, and its wrong. but not because of hero worship, but because it is made by communist labor to be sold by capitalist companies in order to “honor” a communist.

At 11/02/2016 7:17 pm
Daniel Timothy Dey wrote:

@Mauro Rojas,
The only thing Che did for people in the Congo and the rest of the third world was force them into communist tyranny. This is a thug who sought to start communist wars modeled after Vietnam (and that WAS a communist war, no matter what any left-wing revisionists say) all over the third world.

Now, let’s look at the other accusations you make against Bush;

-The War on Terror was NOT illegal or undeclared.
- Bush DID NOT suspend Habeus Corpus.
- Iran was the one who destroyed agreements with us and the rest of the world.
- The only Americans he wiretapped were those who were suspected of being a threat.
- Kissinger wasn’t the one who scoffs at 9/11 victims families. The SO-CALLED “9/11 truth” leaders were the ones doing that.
- He DID NOT forget about Bin Laden, and Bin Laden WAS NOT “his daddy’s toy.” In fact Bin Laden REJECTED any and all help from the CIA.

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